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Horses Healing Hearts

Horses Healing Hearts is an internationally accredited Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Centre under the EAGALA Model. This is located in Maryborough, Fraser Coast region, Queensland.

Through the EAGALA Model and Mindfulness Practice unique healing can happen in the paddock with horses and using the natural surrounds of the land.

The Horses Healing Hearts team are all qualified and experienced helping professionals. Including having a counsellor – Psychotherapist who works along side an Equine Specialist for ensuring safety of yourself and the horses alongside you as one team.

The combination of the two models can help anyone get through the fears, worries, concerns and or stresses that present in our life and cause blocks or behavioural patterns. There are plenty of amazing stories you can read in the case stories section that show how the equine therapy model works to help individuals or families and groups. Equine therapy can assist:

  • Children with behavioural concerns or anger issues

  • Teens who are resistant to face to face counselling/therapy are usually more engaging with the horses

  • The EAGALA model is supported by veterans in the United States who have found the model beneficial in dealing with trauma and addictions to move their life forward. This model can be applied to help resolve any life difficulty.

“This experiential-based EAP practice where client learn and experience through the paddock being a ‘story board’, (like a sand tray therapy however the paddock is the sand tray) and the horses parallel character, or/and symbols or/and metaphors. The mental health practitioner and equine specialist provide a space for clients to work out their solutions with external questions to hold people with the story board, this is your own unique storyboard. The extra bonus is that the horses have the innate ability to mirror emotions this contributes to clients subconscious world and lead clients to heal in the practices. These has been many stories of this unique EAGALA EAP therapy used around the world. See Case studies. Now you have the chance to experience here on the Fraser Coast now”.

If you need help our Equine Specialist, Counsellors and equine team are waiting to meet you.

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