Equine Assisted Therapy


Outreach Counselling

See Counselling however we can come out to your house or residential. Travel fee apply.

Zoom/Phone/Web Counselling

If you are sick and unwell on the day, we can offer to do counselling over the phone, zoom or web. Please request if you choose to cancel.

We offer on-going service to regional area via Zoom/Phone/ Web/Text and we can include the horses in the therapy via Zoom if Tec knowledge is working well.

Emotional Balancing Therapy

This is a technique used to clear blocks that created physical and emotional strain on the body and nervous system. It can be done via Zoom or Phone with Samadhi and Clair. Samadhi will guide you through the process.

With the use of a bio tensor (similar to dowsing) Samadhi checks in with your body remotely. Under the premise that energy is everything and everywhere, distance does not imped outcomes. This practice explores what emotional blocks needed to be cleared then guides you through tapping statements to clear them (similar to Emotional Focus Therapy or tapping therapy). Clair will assist and support the counselling process alongside of this therapy.


Groups on request: to do School or Corporate Groups

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Contact Clair with any questions you might have.
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