Horses Healing Hearts Programs

Every program at Horses Healing Hearts is tailored for the individual because no two people ever present with exactly the same issues that they want to resolve.

However here are some notes that may help you understand what we will be doing and there will be two staff members with the client at all times.


This program is for children from 5 years of age and some children may need their parent or carer to be present during activities around the horse.

Children relax when they are out on the property with the horses but it can be normal for some to be scared by the size of the horse.

While we do have smaller horses available for children, our first step will be to assist the child to become comfortable with the horse and to develop confidence, awareness and a connection with the animal. Once that confidence is established we then move on from there.

This program is based on four sessions run over two to four weeks.


Horses Healing Hearts programs work well for any issue that a teenager may present with. These issues can range from problematic every day behaviour right through to complex trauma and high risk behaviours.

Horses Healing Hearts

Horses engage unconditionally with teenagers to help them have a non-judging space to deal with any situations of hurt, fear, anxiety or other emotions.

Building a connections and gaining insights may occur instantly or develop over a few weeks but it does happen and, when it does, you begin to see positive changes begin to happen.

Parenting programs

Positive Parenting Program and EAGALA

Clair has been trained as a Triple P Program – Positive Parenting Program

This can be delivered face to face PPP theory and then with Equine Assisted Learning.

It would be best to have the parents have session together and integrate with sessions to also include the child or children in later sessions.